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Dreams sound good. Especially when they come true. The HOMMAGE Minute Repeater with its acoustic time signal is the most exclusive and demanding watch that Tutima has ever built. About three years of development, the highest level of complication, and value from the best watchmakers, who perfectly finish it with the greatest care: the HOMMAGE, limited to just 25 pieces is the symbol of melodious skill. Upon activating the slide, two gongs create an acoustic signal that relays the time precisely to the minute.

Specifications :

  • Limited edition


On the road to success there are no shortcuts. And thus the creation of a complicated timekeeper calls for one thing above all: a lot of time. Because two to three years of planning and development may pass before a watch becomes a complete Tutima.

This boundless passion and patience are the reason that at Tutima, special movement modules such as the chronograph caliber Tutima 521 are created. It is based on caliber ETA Valjoux 7750, and replaces the Swiss caliber Lémania 5100, which is no longer in production.

The challenge of this module was not only to make sure that it reliably functions without compromise but also to pack it into the smallest possible amount of space. The result is a masterful construction that we have registered for a patent.

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