Zeitwinkel : 082°

082° 1
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Three hands that tell hours, minutes and seconds.

Are you an advocate of purism but do not want to deny yourself? Do you become uneasy when nothing moves? Are you looking for the extra precision that is provided by a per-second time display, but a date display would be too much of a good thing?  Then the Zeitwinkel model 082° is exactly right for you!

Its three hands for the representation of the hour, minutes, and seconds is precision driven by the Zeitwinkel manufacture movement ZW0102. Its functionality as well as the elaborately decorated German silver plates of the mechanism can be admired through the large window on the rear side of the Zeitwinkel 082°.  This model is a great opportunity to own a high precision watch with the best quality Swiss workmanship. And thanks to its well-proportioned housing with a 39 mm diameter, the Zeitwinkel 082° is always unobtrusive and discreet.


Zeitwinkel is a brand of high-quality Swiss wristwatches with manufacture movements. The name is derived from a unit of measurement used to calculate the "true local time." Zeitwinkel is independent of corporate affiliation and decided to develop its own, internal solutions for movements and product design.  The original source for the conception of Zeitwinkel was the desire to create an authentic and high quality product that unites people with a similar outlook on life. For the company founders, this common goal was the reason for integrating their experience from very different areas--above all their enthusiasm for "haute horology" watchmaking.  Zeitwinkel can proudly stand behind the product and brand name it has become. It is constantly refining development and has no need to hide behind superficial slogans and sparkle.

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