Zeitwinkel : 312°

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A watch that does nothing but tell hours and minutes.

Our Zeitwinkel 312° is elegantly modest and captivates with its classical, minimalistic elegance. Concentrating on displaying the hour and minute, it is by no means softened up with any kind of gadgets or unnecessary applications. Leaving off the second hand has imparted this model with calmness and tranquility.

Nevertheless, behind the puristic front lies mechanical craftsmanship of highest perfection. The Zeitwinkel manufacture movement ZW0102 with automatic winding and 72 hour running time ensures that the owner will always receive precise information about the time of day. The luxurious design of this generously proportioned movement with German silver plates made it easy for us to forgo any kind of embellishment on the back of the watch.  We have developed our Zeitwinkel model 312° for those who above all want a reliable companion that precisely displays the time.


Zeitwinkel is a brand of high-quality Swiss wristwatches with manufacture movements. The name is derived from a unit of measurement used to calculate the "true local time." Zeitwinkel is independent of corporate affiliation and decided to develop its own, internal solutions for movements and product design.  The original source for the conception of Zeitwinkel was the desire to create an authentic and high quality product that unites people with a similar outlook on life. For the company founders, this common goal was the reason for integrating their experience from very different areas--above all their enthusiasm for "haute horology" watchmaking.  Zeitwinkel can proudly stand behind the product and brand name it has become. It is constantly refining development and has no need to hide behind superficial slogans and sparkle.

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