Botta Design : MONDO Quartz

MONDO Quartz 1

When we board an aeroplane, we are often travelling not only to another place, but also to a different time. We jump between time zones not only when travelling, however – many people have friends or relatives who live abroad, and our business contacts are often international, too.

If we wish to contact someone in another time zone, we find ourselves wondering what time it is there – is it early in the morning or late at night?

Specifications :

  • Calendar
  • Multiples time zones

Botta Design

Klaus Botta developed the amazingly simple one-hand principle back in 1986 and the UNO was the world’s very first wristwatch to feature a one-hand display. Its outstanding success inspired a whole series of one-hand watches made by many other manufacturers.

The UNO’s single hand is an hour hand which therefore completes one rotation every 12 hours.

The special scale designed by Klaus Botta is subdivided into five-minute increments, allowing you to tell the time to within just a few minutes if necessary.

The philosophy of the UNO is all about simplification, however. Do you really need times like 15:03 or 10:39 in your everyday life? Isn’t “just after three” or “twenty to eleven” perfectly sufficient?

As soon as you allow yourself to accept this new perception of time, the one-hand principle of the UNO will give you an entirely new and much more relaxed attitude to time.

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