Jaermann & Stübi : Faldo Series Watch NF1


In the context of the "Faldo Series"– a successful non-profit organization, which promotes talented young golfers around the world, Sir Nick Faldo and Jaermann & Stübi – The Timepiece of Golf – have created a further exclusive highlight. A watch whose case was forged from the golf clubs used by Nick Faldo to win the 1997 Los Angeles Open, his last tournament as a professional golfer. Each watch case of the limited edition of 72 timepieces can be ascribed to one of the irons used by Nick, which makes the remarkable watch all the more unique.

Specifications :

  • Chronograph
  • Waterproof
  • Limited edition

Jaermann & Stübi

Jaermann & Stu?bi is the inventor of the first luxury watch with a mechanical movement as well as a mechanical complication that counts your strokes during a game of golf and compares your score with your handicap. Everything is protected by a shock absorber and housed in an elegant case.

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