Maîtres du Temps : Chapter One


The Chapter One collection is a real masterpiece of horology. The long and flowing curves that shape the case give it an air of nobility and power that embodies the outstanding complexity of the original movement.

A world’s premiere: combinations of six complications with 558 components:

  • No wristwatch before Chapter One has ever featured a tourbillon movement incorporating a mono-pusher column wheel chronograph, retrograde date, retrograde GMT, and phase of the moon and day of the week indications displayed on their own distinctive high-precision cylinders.
  • Indication through high-precision cylinders: time display is not flat any longer
  • Efficiently transmitting power 90° to the two high-precision cylinders and ensuring that they work simultaneously with the time, date, GMT, and chronograph was an immense technical challenge.
  • The high-precision cylinders are made of anodized aluminium offering solidity while being lightweight. The painting adorning the cylinders is applied by hand based on a traditional process.

Specifications :

  • Chronograph
  • Calendar
  • Multiples time zones
  • Moon phases
  • Retrograde
  • Limited edition

Maîtres du Temps

Picture the world’s most exclusive atelier which would create the most unparalleled masterpieces that synthesize the traditional crafts of haute horlogerie with the artistry of today’s foremost horological visions.
Each chapter in the Maîtres du Temps story is a symbiosis of experience, influence, art, craft, and technique, all harmoniously encapsulated in a single watch.

The symbol chosen for Maîtres du Temps—a tree with innumerable branches—reflects the fertile nature of the brand’s creative process. The image of the tree represents the evolution of Maîtres du Temps through the passage of time, with each branch representing a new collaboration, a new meeting of hearts and minds, and bearing astonishing timepieces.
The level of technical and design sophistication achieved by Maîtres du Temps has rarely been seen in watchmaking. It is the result of the right combination of people sharing a bold vision. “We do it by not accepting second best and by constantly designing and re-designing,” says Steven Holtzman, the driving force behind Maîtres du Temps.

“We are continually faced with different choices, and the decision each time is to not compromise on quality, finish, or design. In this way, Maîtres du Temps is able to offer remarkable timepieces crafted by remarkable people.” “When I see someone wearing a Maîtres du Temps watch, I feel proud and happy. This is ultimately the only genuine sign that everything we do actually has a purpose.”

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