Stowa : Flieger no Logo with Date


The Flieger watch without logo and date, very useful.

By omitting the STOWA logo and adding the date we get very close to the original, as made by STOWA. A beautiful onion crown and traditionally styled straps make this watch a perfect “replica" of the historic original suited for everyday use. The Flieger without logo and date is exclusively available with the handmade STOWA rotor, which comes with the traditional observation watch engraving. This was engraved in the inside of the lid in the original watch and could only be seen when the watch was opened. STOWA was the first company to make this engraving visible again, on the bottom of the casing or on the rotor. In addition to the real tempered blue steel hands, the luminous material of the dial stands out time and again in independent tests. Our pilot watches offer perfect legibility in the dark.

Specifications :

  • Calendar


Traditional German Watchmaking

Stowa, founded in 1927, is one of the few watch manufacturing companies in Germany that can look back upon nearly 90 years of uninterrupted business history and watch production. Thanks to online distribution, Stowa’s watches are now available in nearly every country around the world.

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