Stowa : Flieger TESTAF TO1


Why this new watch?
We simply want to produce even better watches.
With the certification of the FH Aachen it will be for the first time possible to test the quality of the watch in a scientific developed procedure. Function, design and quality have to pass a complex testing procedure. For STOWA it was immediately clear to participate.  Of course we continue to build our traditional and historical seeming pilot watches in future. But with the FLIEGER TO 1 TESTAF we want to go one step further into the future.

The new standard for pilot watches in the watch industry.
Developed by FH Aachen.
With the project "technical standard of pilot watches" (in short "TESTAF") for the first time a precise technic-functional requirements catalog is submitted. This catalogue determines the regulations wrist-pilot watches with analogue time display have to fulfill nowadays in the civil air traffic in regard to sight - and instrument flight rules.

In the last years the term pilot watch became an arbitrary term.

Concrete functional and technical requests faded into the background. Therefore the FH Aachen developed and submitted in cooperation with the watch company Sinn this new standard.

Until now there was no clear definition for pilot watches (like for example for diving watches, DIN 8306/ISO 6425).

This gap will now be closed with the TESTAF certification.

STOWA wanted to test its 70 year experience in building pilot watches and decided immediately to participate in this certification procedure.
The new model FLIEGER TO1 TESTAF got finally the certification in September 2013!

Specifications :

  • Waterproof


Traditional German Watchmaking

Stowa, founded in 1927, is one of the few watch manufacturing companies in Germany that can look back upon nearly 90 years of uninterrupted business history and watch production. Thanks to online distribution, Stowa’s watches are now available in nearly every country around the world.

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