Stowa : Flieger with logo


Flieger Logo, design icon.

The Flieger with Logo was the first watch which STOWA remade under the leadership of Jörg Schauer in 1997. After one year of developing (Jörg Schauer took over STOWA from the son of the founder, Werner Storz, in 1996), this model was introduced at the Basel Fair in 1997. At the time, only IWC, one of the five authorised prior manufacturers, offered pilot watches with original design. The first watches were equipped with collectable movements (e.g. Unitas 6300 N and 187) and sold quickly. Up to now, STOWA has made this successful model in original form and design for 16 years.


Traditional German Watchmaking

Stowa, founded in 1927, is one of the few watch manufacturing companies in Germany that can look back upon nearly 90 years of uninterrupted business history and watch production. Thanks to online distribution, Stowa’s watches are now available in nearly every country around the world.

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