Stowa : Flieger Ikarus


The popular and functional typography of our original Flieger watch is the basis for the Ikarus model. We have added a date display to the dial and a fine matt finish to the surface which has then been coloured gray by galvanisation (rhodinised). The metallic effect of the dial gives this watch a high-value appearance. The numbers on the dial and the illuminated hands are imprinted or coated with Superluminova. This ensures maximum legibility, at night as well. The automatic movement can be observed through the glass case back. However, it is protected safely behind sapphire glass (as with any other STOWA watch).


Traditional German Watchmaking

Stowa, founded in 1927, is one of the few watch manufacturing companies in Germany that can look back upon nearly 90 years of uninterrupted business history and watch production. Thanks to online distribution, Stowa’s watches are now available in nearly every country around the world.

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