Greubel Forsey : pre-SIHH 2015 GMT Black


For more than a decade Greubel Forsey has been introducing highly creative ideas, each with a distinctive character. Here, for the second time, the company explores the contemporary timepiece with a titanium case. Treated with vacuum deposited ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon), in addition to its striking appearance, this deep black coating gives the watch a surface hardness significantly greater than natural titanium.

With attributes also in black finish, the palette of colours is more restrained. This helps to bring out the contrast between the different textures and surface finishes of each component's decoration.

However, relatively stronger colours are used to subtly highlight all indications of time and technical information. The various dials and indication zones appear to be floating in the space around the terrestrial globe, evoking the night sky with the stars twinkling in their eternal orbits.

This unique edition will be composed of just 22 Timepieces worldwide.

Specifications :

  • Multiples time zones
  • UTC hour
  • Limited edition

Greubel Forsey

Over the years, our means of expression has been confirmed and now embraces co-creations and partnerships: we have realised that our philosophy and interests were transcending the field of watchmaking. Against the grain, we have shied away from bowing to traditional market forces and marketing; rather, our priorities have always been an obsession for pushing the limits of creativity and craftsmanship. These are also the same qualities that we have found in certain artists, some of whom we now work with. For Greubel Forsey, horology and artistic creation are inseparable. They are a symbiosis between technical and aesthetic dimensions, weaving together the two strands of our DNA and our timepieces are born of this cross-pollination.

To date, three of our six inventions have found practical applications: the Double Tourbillon 30°, the Quadruple Tourbillon and the Tourbillon 24 Secondes. We aim to surprise again and again with our creativity, a form of perpetual motion.

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