Vibian : Nobilita


The Vibian Nobilita 03 unisex watch has a case of stainless steel with color silver. It has an original Vibian leather strap with color blue. The case size is 44mm and the movement is quartz.

Specifications :

  • Multiples time zones
  • Waterproof


The Vibian Amsterdam watches have a unique timezon system: Vibian World Timer mechanism. With this World Timer mechanism of Vibian, you can simply adjust the time according to your local time zone. On the Vibian Amsterdam watch ring are the 24 time zones indicated by cities located in these time zones. To adjust the time to your local time zone, you turn the bezel anti-clockwise until it clicks at the city in your time zone. With Vibian Amsterdam you always know what time it is! 

The Vibian Amsterdam also shows if it’s day or night by an icon of the sun or moon. The watch has a stylish and rugged design. The strong case in combination with the preshaped genuine leather or silicone strap cause a modern and strong design. Both the ring and the case are both made from durable hand polished and brushed antimagnetic stainless steel (316L) or from aluminium, which will safeguard your Vibian watch even after long term usage. The Vibian Amsterdam watch glass is mineral glass with hardness treatment and 1.5 mm thickness. The dial is made of copper alloy. The case has a diameter of 44.5 mm and a thickness of 12 mm to 14 mm. The strap has a length of 27 cm, width of 22 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm. The Vibian Amsterdam watches are provided with two SR-626 batteries, a manual in ten languages, a watch opener and a luxurious gift box. With the provided Vibian watch opener you can replace the battery yourself. Wherever you are in the world, with a Vibian Amsterdam watch you always know what time it is!

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