Aquadive : Bathyscaphe 300

Bathyscaphe 300 1

The Bathyscaphe 300 is a modern classic, taking design elements from Aquadive Divers of the 70's and updating them for today's diver and watch enthusiast; as a result, and due to the massive construction, depth rating of 3000 meters / 10000 feet are achieved. The Bathyscaphe 300 uses the exact same case of the 1970s Model 50 Depth gauge Aquadive and 100% identical dimensions, but now powered by an ETA automatic movement and featuring a unique movement suspension system that isolates the movement from the case in a soft iron cage that also acts as an antimagnetic shield and anti-shock protection system. The Bathyscaphe 300 has a built in automatic HRV (Helium Release Valve) for added safety in extreme diving conditions.

Specifications :

  • Calendar
  • Waterproof
  • Tachymeter


In the 60s and 70s, divers the world over knew AQUADIVE. Aquadive's professional dive watches 
were highly sought after for both their toughness and their reliability under extreme conditions.

After 10 years of planning and acquiring old stock of movements and watch cases and components, The AQUADIVE name has been brought back to life in the heart of the watchmaking city of Pforzheim in Germany. A new line-up of watches was introduced in 2011, paying tribute to the legendary AQUADIVE watches of the 1960s and 70s, while remaining 100% authentic. The qualities that made AQUADIVE so sought after then, are just as relevant today.

Every AQUADIVE watch is produced to the highest industry standard, assembled by hand in Switzerland. That means durability, dependability, accuracy, and fine craftsmanship.

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