Borgward : B2300 Chronograph 44mm

B2300 Chronograph 44mm

The B2300 watch is limited to 1942 pieces per automatic and chronograph series. Knurled bezel and crown make this watch appealing not only to the eyes, but also to the touch. This BORGWARD model can feel time. The B2300 takes its name from the pre-war model 1936 with a 6-cylinder engine.

Specifications :

  • Chronograph
  • Calendar
  • Chronometer
  • Limited edition


A clock, a gear and a cigar box - that is where the BORGWARD legend begins. It is not easy to believe that a twelve year old boy has built his first car at home. And yet this is the first work of a brilliant designer before writing the history of automobile.

The name BORGWARD is since then synonymous with quality, durability and value. As the inventor of Borgward cars, Carl FW Borgward has input in each of its models, each watch BORGWARD the expression of individuality, durability and precision craftsmanship.

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