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CYQY - Sydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy

Sydney is a premier location as a point of departure to the many North American destinations as well as Europe and other international destinations. This geographic advantage enhances J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport's appeal as a link to major centers around the world.

The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport acts as an international ambassador for Cape Breton, a role the  J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport Authority takes very seriously. In many cases, an airport is the first contact a traveler will have with a new city, and the rest of the visit can be affected by the first impression.

In addition to its international character,  J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport lies just 15 minutes from the Sydney downtown business district and within easy driving distance to other key areas of Cape Breton Island. The  J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport is crucial to the Island's economy, both as a conduit to the world and as a route into our economy.

The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport is located on major air routes serving Atlantic Canada, as well as the oceanic air routes.

Runway type :

  • Asphalt - 7070 feet - Lighted
  • Asphalt - 5997 feet - Lighted

Available services at the aerodrome :

  • Phone : In terminal
  • Food : In terminal
  • Taxi : < 5NM
  • Medical services : < 5NM
  • Hostel : < 5NM
  • Car rental : In terminal

Communications :

  • RCO : Charlottetown rdo 122.0
  • MF : Charlottetown rdo 122.0
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