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CSM3 - Thetford Mines


The City of Thetford Mines, through a corporation, has a local airport which is, by the names of the aviation community, a registered aerodrome. Located on the road to the Airport (3415 Airport Road), it is quickly accessible at all times.

Thetford Mines Airport has facilities that allow to accommodate civilian and recreational aircrafts. A runway with a length of 4500 feet and a width of 100 feet is included amongst them. Pilots also have access to a fuel & oil sales, ground fasteners...

The airport also has hangars to accommodate equipment for both local pilots and those who are passing. Land is available for lease in order to see the construction of additional hangars. Those already in place are being used for civil aviation.

Runway type :

  • Asphalt - 4500 feet - Lighted

Available services at the aerodrome :

  • Phone : In terminal
  • Food : In terminal
  • Taxi : < 5NM
  • Medical services : < 5NM
  • Hostel : < 5NM
  • Car rental : < 5NM

Communications :

  • ATF : UNICOM 123.0
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