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CYML - Charlevoix


The MRC de Charlevoix-Est manages and operates the Aéroport de Charlevoix since its construction in 1962 (when there was a Conseil de comté). This regional-size airport is located in Saint-Irénée, approximately 10 kilometres from La Malbaie. The airport is operated from May to November, depending on the snow cover.

The Airport has a total land area of 103 hectares. It has been the property of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est since 1997 following its transfer by Transport Canada under the National Airports Policy. Major improvements were made in 2003-2004 at a cost of $7 millions. The runway and the aircraft parking and taxiing areas have been completely rebuilt and a new terminal was constructed. The terminal, with its noteworthy architecture, has an area of 160 square metres and is comprised of a waiting lounge, an administrative desk, public washrooms, an operations office, a conference room and a boarding lounge.

Runway type :

  • Asphalt - 4501 feet - Lighted

Available services at the aerodrome :

  • Phone : In terminal
  • Food : < 5NM
  • Taxi : < 5NM
  • Medical services : < 5NM
  • Hostel : < 5NM
  • Car rental : < 5NM

Communications :

  • AWOS : 122.55
  • ATF : UNICOM 123.0
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