Main background

Lachute Aviation


Lachute Aviation is a flight school with human dimensions where safety and professionalism are the cornerstones of the company. Having distinguished itself in 2014 for student success in piloting aircraft for written exams and flight tests of Transport Canada, the training team of Lachute Aviation has won the Pierre Rivest trophy for the best flight school in Quebec. With a zero waiting time before take-off, the students do not pay for time spent on the ground to wait their turn like at most large airports. The practice area is about 5 minutes south-west of the airport, which will minimize flight costs, and we also have access to Mirabel Airport, which is within 10 minutes east of Lachute.

Simulators Available? :

  • Elite Model 3220

Available aircrafts :

  • Cessna 152 (2x)
  • Cessna Skyhawk 172N (1x)
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